The Band

Photo by Saga Sig

Photo by Saga Sig


Moji Abiola


Bjarni M Sigurðarson


Frosti Jón




Moji had recently quit her job as a Houston-based engineer when she met Frosti Jón Runolfsson in a whiskey bar in Reykjavík, Iceland. She'd already logged several years as a professional vocalist, fronting her own bands in Texas while singing harmonies with artists like Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard on late-night TV shows. Frosti, too, was a musical vet, balancing his time as a drummer, film maker and DJ. What began with a conversation in a whiskey bar turned into an unexpected songwriting session later that night, when Moji found herself in Frosti's home studio in Reykjavík, improvising a melody over an instrumental track that Frosti and created with his neighbor. The band took shape that night, with Frosti's neighbor — guitarist and producer Bjarni — rounding out the trio. 

Brought together by a shared love of groove, grit, and guitars, Moji & the Midnight Sons mix their mutual interests — the riff-heavy rawness of Led Zeppelin, the punch of Bruce Springsteen, the dirty swagger of the Rolling Stones, the soul of Big Mama Thorton — into songs about leaving behind old lives and starting new ones. The band recorded What I Saw on the Way to Myself in a former outdoor shed in Iceland, with Bjarni co-producing the sessions alongside Hallur Ingólfsson. There were no isolation booths. No AutoTuning. Instead, the band focused on capturing an honest sound, turning culture clash into some of the hardest-hitting blues-rock on either side of the Atlantic.